Impact To Traffic Expected As Tobin Bridge Repair Work Begins

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Commonwealth transportation officials are out with a plan to rehabilitate the surface of the Tobin Bridge and to complete required maintenance to improve the structure.

Beginning in a couple of weeks there are expected to be some significant traffic impacts.

Lane closures on the Tobin northbound will be put in place on April 1 through two travel lanes will be open during daytime hours, only one of the three travel lanes northbound will be open during overnight hours.

Then starting in early May, Route 1 travel lanes in the Chelsea curves area will be reduced with only two north and southbound lanes open in the daytime and just one lane overnight.

Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver said they "thank travelers for their patience as MassDOT begins this necessary project, and we encourage everyone traveling throughout the Route 1 area to make smart commuting decisions such as considering public transit.”

Officials also say that public transit options available to commuters such as free fares in the inbound direction on the SL3 bus line offered at the Chelsea, Bellingham Square, Box District, and Eastern Avenue stops for the duration of construction.

Additional MBTA Blue line trains will be added to accommodate extra passengers. Customers will also be able to use CharlieCards on Commuter Rail between North Station and Chelsea.

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