NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for March 27, 2019

Hanging Lethal Injection or Nothing At All? New Hampshire is trying to follow California's example in outlawing the death penalty. They tried last year but the effort was vetoed by Governor Chris Sununu. Now its time for round two with HB 455 which replaces the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole for all capital crimes. The wife of a murdered Manchester police officer says if it passes that will mean the person who killed her husband will get no punishment. Should New Hampshire leave well enough alone?

Unexampled Courage. Author Richard Gergel join us in studio to talk about his book Unexampled Courage which delves into the blinding of an African American soldier and the racial awakening of President Truman and the judge who passed sentence, Judge Waties Waring. The story involves Sergeant Isaac Woodard, a returning, decorated veteran who was removed from a Greyhound bus in Batesburg, South Carolina on February 12, 1946, after he challenged the bus driver’s disrespectful treatment of him. Woodard, in uniform, was arrested by the local police chief then beaten and blinded while in custody. President Truman was so outraged by the incident that he established the first presidential commission on civil rights and his Justice Department filed criminal charges against the sheriff.

Anti-vacciners Get their Marching Orders In New York. Rockland County New York has declared a state of emergency and banned children who are unvaccinated against the measles from public places after a local outbreak enters its 26th week. According to officials the disease was supposed to have been eliminated in the U.S. in 2000. But travelers from other countries and pockets of resident resistance to vaccinations have brought it back with a vengeance. Do those opposed to vaccines pose a health risk to all of us?

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