NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for April 5, 2019

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson Stops By In Between White House Visits. The Sheriff was one of more than a dozen law enforcement officers in attendance for the President's first veto signing of the Senate’s rejection of his border national emergency declaration. He stops by to discuss plans for handling the crush at the border and other hot topics back here in New England.

More Americans Believe It Was Hillary Who Colluded With the Russians. A new Rasmussen poll shows more voters believe it is Hillary Clinton rather than President Trump who colluded with foreign operatives during the 2016 election campaign. Of likely voters polled, 47% believe the Clinton campaign was involved in collusion, as opposed to 45% who still think President Trump was involved with the Russians despite the results of the Mueller investigation. Whose side are you on?

Teacher's Topless Selfie Lands Her In Hot Water. A New York middle-school teacher was called on the carpet and eventually fired after a topless photo she took and gave to her then boyfriend ended up in the hands of a student. She says a man would not have been let go for the same offense. Do you agree?

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