NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for April 10, 2019

The Rhode Island Teachers Union and the ACLU are against a Law Banning Sex Between Teachers and Consenting Students Younger Than 18 Years Old - Are They Kidding? Rhode Island's two teachers’ unions are objecting to a bill that would make sex between school employees and students a crime if the students are younger than 18 years old. The union says its aginst the bill because it criminalizes conduct by teachers and other school employees while ignoring the myriad other jobs in which adults supervise youth between the ages of 14 and 18. Where do you weigh in?

Former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton On The Marathon. Legendary law enforcement officer Bill Bratton who served as Boston Police Commissioner as well as two terms as the New York City Police Commissioner and Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department talks marathon security with Dan along with a few incites into border security and the "Trust Act.

Attorney General William Barr Suspects President Trump Was Right When He Claimed The FBI Was Spying On Him. The Attorney General told a senate panel that he is ordering a review of the Trump-Russia probe's origins because he thinks “spying did occur” by the U.S. government on President Trump’s 2016 campaign. Does this effect your opinion of the Trump Administration?

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