NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for April 26, 2019

Massachusetts Judge Criminally Charged with Obstruction of Justice. Massachusetts District Judge Shelley Joseph pleaded not guilty Thursday to three federal obstruction charges, after she was accused of helping a defendant set for deportation escape federal immigration agents. The state's Attorney Generals says the prosecution of Judge Joseph is politically motivated. Do you agree?

New Hampshire says no more "Pay-to-Stay Jails." The New Hampshire legislature has voted to repeal the “pay to stay” law, the practice that allows the state to recoup an inmate’s cost of care up to six years after their release. Supporters of the repeal claim it was “unfair” that the state could saddle individuals with debt they could not pay off,” while they already face high barriers to reintegrate back into society. What do you think?

Tick Man Dan Makes A Visit. As tick season fast approaches, Tick Man Dan joins Dan in studio to give advice on how to keep yourself and pets pest free and how to avoid the dreaded Lyme disease spread by deer ticks in New England.

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