Police: Don't Touch Stray 'One-Pot Meth Lab' Bottles

LANCASTER, N.H. (WBZ NewsRadio) — It might look like trash but local and federal authorities in New Hampshire are urging residents to use caution if they see a stray bottle filled with unknown substances.

These certain bottles could be what authorities there call "One Pot," a method used for manufacturing methamphetamine.

According to Lancaster, N.H Police, one was recently found in their community on the side of the road on Route 3 while a resident was doing some roadside cleanup.

Additional NH Police Departments; Keene and Alexandria also posted about the one-pot bottles.

The bottles are filled with liquid featuring a white residue and usually a hose sticking out of it.

Police say these "one-pots" contain very dangerous gases and chemicals — which could potentially catch fire or explode if opened.

"Things to watch out for are discarded backpacks or gym bags; liquid filled plastic drink bottles with a white residue; a large amount of discarded coffee filters; discarded liquid drain opener bottles or camp fuel cans...opening them can cause serious injury to anyone near it," Lancaster Police say.

If you come across any do not touch them and contact police and or/fire department immediately.

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