Don Cherry: Bruins To Face 'A Bunch Of Jerks'

By Brian 'Gu' Antonelli

WBZ NewsRadio Sports

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — After a Game 6 victory for the Boston Bruins in Columbus they'll be heading to the NHL Eastern Conference Finals.

Their opponent? The Carolina Hurricanes, Otherwise known as: "A Bunch Of Jerks."

Not my words but theirs and former Bruins Coach and Hockey Night In Canada commentator Don Cherry.

The Hurricanes made their name this season by doing lavished and over-the-top celebrations after home victories. Something the owner thought would entertain the crowds — which they did.

At one of their post-game celebrations former World Heavyweight Champion boxer Evander Holyfield dusted off his boxing gloves and stepped on the ice to celebrate as seen below.

One time after their 5-2 victory against the Vegas Golden Knights, the Canes played the childhood game of Duck, Duck,Goose.

They paid homage to curling...

And the NCAA March Madness by participating in their own basketball tournament.

While this might be all fun and games for the fans and the team, it does not entertain Hockey Night In Canada's and Coaches Corner Television commentator and host Don Cherry.

Cherry, known for his known for his colorful attire with his upholstered suits and hockey analysis on Canadian television, dubbed the Raleigh, N.C. team 'the jerks' mid-season and still does not find their antics amusing.

While the Canes have since scrapped the celebrations in the playoff, they have embraced the newly jerk title by wearing and selling a bunch of jerk shirts. Even players are taking it in stride.

The Bruins are set to host the Carolina Hurricanes Thursday at 8:00 P.M.

WBZ NewsRadio's Brian "GU' Antonelli (@GuPogs) reports.

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