Advisory Issued After UMass Student Contracts Tuberculosis

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — City Health and UMass Boston Officials are issuing warning students and staff after “a person on campus” was diagnosed with active tuberculosis.

The letter released Monday said that the while the individual is receiving treatment it is believed that this person may have been infected with the illness for years before it became active.

They did not specify if the person was a student, faculty or staff member.

Officials say at least 59 people may have been in contact the person have been notified.

According to the Center for Disease Control tuberculosis bacteria, commonly known as TB is an illness that affects the lungs and throat and is not easily passed from person to person.

Here are some facts from the Center For Disease Control TB:

  • Typically a long period of close contact with an infected person is usually required for the disease to be transmitted.
  • Bacteria can spread when an infected person coughs, speaks or sings.
  • Not spread by shaking hands, sharing food, bed linens or touching toilet seats.
  • Not spread by sharing toothbrushes or kissing.

To learn more about tuberculosis, click here.

WBZ NewsRadio's Karyn Regal (@KarynRegal) reports

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