NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for May 20, 2019

Should Cop Killers Get the Death Penalty In Massachusetts? Cop killers in Massachusetts could face the death penalty under a new bill filed by State Reps Shaunna O’Connell and David DeCoste. The legislation would give judges the option of sentencing people over 18 to death for killing a police officer. We will be joined by both representatives. Are you on board?

Amazon vs. Braintree. One of the world’s biggest companies and the town of Braintree are squaring off in a lawsuit that could have broad implications for a booming business: getting stuff to your front door fast. Amazon is suing the town of Braintree over a requirement that delivery vehicles going to and from their new proposed warehouse must have Amazon signs. Is this unreasonable?

Seattle Airports Ban ICE Flights. Two Seattle area airports have banned ICE flights, federal agents carrying illegal aliens, from their tarmacs effectively ending customs ability to move immigrants through the area. ICE now has to drive three hours away to the airport in Yakima which is not a sanctuary city. The Department of Transportation has given county officials a written warning that the airport's actions are in violation of federal regulations. What do you think should be the consequences?

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