NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for May 21, 2019

Binging on Edibles. Three tourists from Pennsylvania, all in their sixties, overdosed on marijuana edibles and collapsed in an Edgartown restaurant. All three were taken to the hospital from the Newes restaurant. the Centers for Disease Control says while a fatal overdose from marijuana is unlikely, it’s not harmless. Do we need more regulations?

Congestion, construction, and ride-share drivers have created a perfect storm for Boston Traffic. Has your commute gotten worse? Has the time yoy build into your commute to make sure you get to work or where ever on time grown? We want to hear about your worst traffic experience.

Black Only Graduation? More than 75 universities across the country now host blacks-only graduation ceremonies. They are supplementary ceremonies, are voluntary and are offered in addition to the regular graduations. What kind of message is this sending? Are we taking a giant step backwards in race relations?

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