NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for May 24, 2019

Is the Registry of Motor Vehicles Overzealous? An 82 year old woman who does not drive outside of her neighborhood received a ticket for going through the Callahan Tunnel in the amount of $2.50. While the ticket is being appealed since she has not driven in the Tunnel for years, Dan wants to know if it cost the registry more than $2.50 to collect the fine. Should the Department of Transportation relax a little and give drivers more than one chance to show they are responsible?

Electoral College Run Arounds. This week the Nevada Senate passed a bill giving the state’s Electoral College votes to the winner of the presidential election's national popular vote. 15 other states are trying to do the same thing including Maine. Constitutional scholar Jack Beerman joins us to discuss what this means for future elections.

Should your pets be buried with you....even if they are not dead yet? A healthy dog was put to death in Virginia after its owner requested the dog be buried with her in her will. Cemeteries are regulated by state law and in Virginia cemeteries can have a section devoted to human remains and the pets of the deceased humans. Should a law be passed to ban gratuitous pet euthanasia?

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