NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for May 30, 2019

Jordan Rich is Guest Host

The Vaping Conundrum. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is suing a national retailer for supposedly going outside legal guidelines for the sale and advertisement of tobacco. The AG says New Jersey's Eonsmoke targeted nicotine product sales to minors on social media, failed to verify online buyers’ ages and took no precautions to ensure shipments were received by a person who was 21 or older, the state’s minimum legal sales age for smoking products. Should vaping ads be banned on Facebook, Twitter and the like?

Bad Passengers Get The Heave Ho From Uber. The ride-sharing giant is unveiling a new policy that lets them kick riders with low ratings to the curb. Uber has always allowed passengers to rate drivers on a star system, and operators with low ratings were banned. While drivers could also rate passengers there were no consequences for passengers from hell with low reviews. Before passengers are deactivated, they will have multiple chances to boost their scores. Is this a positive change for Uber?

Fines For Enabling Panhandlers? New Jersey police say they will begin ticketing drivers who pose safety risks and delay traffic by stopping to give money to panhandlers. The state's Public Safety Director explains those seeking spare change wade into traffic jeopardizing their own health and in one case a couple of weeks ago actual death. The fine is $50 plus court costs. Do you approve?

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