NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for May 31, 2019

Nancy Shack is Guest Host

Should Judge Joseph be Paid While Waiting For Her Obstruction of Justice Trial? Sitting Newton District Court Judge Shelley Joseph says she should be paid while she awaits trial on federal obstruction charges for allegedly helping an undocumented immigrant evade ICE. The Supreme Judicial Court stopped Joseph's pay after she was indicted. Is she being punished before she is found guilty?

Tariffs on Mexico - Will it Help Stop Illegal Immigration or Just Get Us Into Another Trade War? In a tweet yesterday, President Trump announced a new 5 percent tariff on Mexico beginning in June, saying the levy will "gradually increase" until the ongoing illegal immigration surge at the southern border is "remedied" and illegal migrants "STOP." Mexico is none too pleased and says they are coming to Washington to talk about the implications. Was this a good idea or simply alienating a trade partner?

Movies That Could Never Be Made Today...... The P.C. police have their hands in editing newspapers, tv shows and of course movies. What movies that you thoroughly enjoyed could not pass political correctness muster today? Joining the conversation will be "Spaulding Smails" from Caddyshack aka John Barmon.

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