NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for June 6, 2019

Hands Free Only Car Cell Phones Pass in Massachusetts! The Massachusetts Senate has unanimously approved a bill requiring hands-free use of all mobile devices while driving. Once in effect only a single tap or swipe to enable a hands-free mode will be allowed in a moving car.Last month, the House voted 155-2 to pass a similar bill. It now heads to the Governor's desk for his signature. Joining us to celebrate is Jerry Cibley whose son was killed in a car accident using his cell.

Liz Warren Says Climate Change Is A Bigger Challenge Than WWII - Is This An Appropriate Comparison on the Anniversary of D-Day? At a campaign event this week 2020 Democrat presidential candidate and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren claimed that climate change is an even bigger challenge than World War II. Is this hyperbole given that the DNC has decided none of their presidential debates will deal with climate change at all....

Its the 75th Anniversary of D-Day - Dan and his Nightside team would like to thank the sacrifices and the service made by the Greatest Generation of Americans who fought and died on the beaches of Normandy, France and all over Europe. Please call in with either personal or family remembrances of those who fought to free the world and keep us a democratic republic.

Call 617-254-1030 to join the conversation.

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