Blackstone 'House of Horrors' Trial Continues Into Fourth Day

WORCESTER, Mass (WBZ NewsRadio) — During the fourth day of the so called ‘house of horrors’ trial in Worcester Superior Court, the voice of Ericka Murray, accused of murder and child neglect was heard.

Not as an actual testimony —Rather the court heard the tape of her September 11th, 2014 interrogation with authorities.

The 35-year-old mother is facing two counts of murder and multiple counts of child neglect. She is accused of killing her three infants and leaving her other children in a home so hazardously filthy, and infected with insects, it had to be demolished by authorities.

During court proceedings on Friday, Murray wiped away tears at one point as pictures were shown of infant remains left in cardboard boxes were shown to the court. 

The Massachusetts State Police Detective who found them said he thought he found doll parts. 

Weeks later Murray was questioned by Sean Murphy, a state police investigator, who wanted to know how Murray hid a toddler and a baby from the world and allegedly her boyfriend 

When he asked if she had any more children, Murray said no. 

On the tape, he continues to question Murray for more than 20-minutes after he said he found the first set of remains.

Murray admitted to having a child that was born dead. She says she panicked and didn't call police.

“ I was scared,” Murray replies.

He asks her about the house’s condition and why the living toddler and baby were treated as children she was only watching, not part of the family. 

Then Murphy reads Murray a Miranda warning for a second time.

She folds fast but she denies there are more remains waiting.

It’s at that point Murphy tells her he’d found infant remains in a box then there are two more sets of remains in the house. 

She says no one knew about the younger children living in the home except for her and her older kids.

Murray said was the only one who knew the infants born in the home were her children.

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WBZ NewsRadio’s Karyn Regal (@KarynRegal) reports.

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