NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for June 11, 2019

The MBTA Rides Off the Rails Again. A MBTA Red Line train derailed this morning at JFK station. The Boston Fire Department is reporting that 60 passengers were able to evacuate and one passenger was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. This is the fifth derailment so far this year and the second in three days. Saturday a green line train carrying 150 riders went off the tracks near Kenmore Square, injuring 11 people, including the driver, who was held responsible for the crash and suspended. the T says its is bringing in a 3rd party to investigate the rash of accidents. Do you feel safe taking the T?

Rainbow Flags Abroad. The U.S. State Department said no rainbow flags at US embassies abroad but a number of American missions, consulates and embassies ignored that edict and are flying them anyway. Should U.S. diplomatic outposts fly any flag but Old Glory?

Scooter vs. Truck - Who Wins? Boston is not the only city contemplating the scooters that are running rampant through Brookline and Brighton. Paris has also experimented with the alternative mode of transportation until last night when a scooter and a truck collided killing the scooter driver. Paris is now considering speed limits fines for scooter riders. Should the same laws be enacted here?

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