NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for June 14, 2019

Massachusetts Taxpayers Paying For Judge's Legal Bills. Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph racked up $127,000 in legal fees before she was indicted on federal obstruction charges and placed on unpaid leave for allegedly helping an illegal immigrant escape her courtroom and ICE agents waiting to take him into custody. Massachusetts taxpayers footed that bill. Was this a good use of your tax dollars?

Teddy Roosevelt and The New York Times. New York Times deputy op-ed editor, Clay Risen, has a new book out called The Crowded Hour: Theodore Roosevelt, the Rough Riders, and the Dawn of the American Century. Dan and Clay will talk about Teddy and the recent goings on in the New York Times newsroom.

Joe Biden Does It Again! Former Vice President and democratic presidential nominee contender Joe Biden stepped in it again in Iowa this week when he intimated that Iowans did not know where his home state of Delaware is located. Is he really the best hope of the Democrat Party to win the White House?

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