NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for June 18, 2019

Are MBTA Fare Hikes Appropriate Given The Rash of Derailments? The MBTA gave a big thumbs down to a demand from local leaders, including Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, that the looming fare hike be postponed until after service returns to normal following the recent Red Line derailment. At the same time transit officials are unable to not say when the repairs will be finished. Do you think an increase in prices after 5 derailments since January is fair?

Erasing History in The Name Of Diversity. Thirty-one oil portraits have been removed from an auditorium at Brigham and Women's Hospital. They were not of confederate generals or historic slave owners but of past medical and scientific leaders. According to the medical center administration they were removed as part of a diversity initiative to foster a more welcoming environment for the increasingly diverse community. Have we gone a bridge to far when the painting of an accomplished white man is in and of itself a slap in the face to women and minorities?

Oberlin Gets Its Hand Slapped For A Smear Campaign. A jury has handed down an $11 million verdict with another $33 million in punitive damages against Oberlin for defaming a local mom-and-pop store. The college thought that it could call the store racist with impunity, after a black student with two friends tried to shoplift wine from the store,and were pursued and arrested. Students immediately began protesting the shop on the theory that, because the store stopped black kids from shoplifting, it must be racist. The jury disagreed. Was this a good verdict?

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