Man Rescued From Abington House Fire

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — A police officer and a neighbor saved a man from a burning house in Abington.

Flames broke out in the Plymouth Street home around 9 p.m. By the time firefighters arrived, the officer and neighbor were searching for the unconscious man who was trapped on the second floor.

“It was very smoky, I could barely breathe, it was very warm, and with the fire, you could see the orange flame shooting from a room or a corner closet or something and it was very intense,” the neighbor, Kurt Knepshield, told WBZ-TV. “At first, I thought it was just a kid and I have a young son and a young daughter. I just really wasn’t thinking, it was instinct, I guess, just to get him out of danger and hopefully you know, help him.”

The 57-year-old victim has not been identified and there’s no word yet on his condition, or what caused the fire.

(Photo: WBZ-TV)

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