NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for June 24, 2019

The Mayor of Everett Weighs In On Casino Opening. Everett Mayor Carlo DiMaria is in studio with Dan to talk about and answer questionson the new Encore Casino which opened yesterday and what its success means for the city.

No More College Loans? Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is announcing a plan to cancel all $1.6 trillion of U.S. student loan debt. Sanders' plan will have no eligibility criteria and will be available to the nation's approximately 45 million student loan borrowers of both federal student loans and private student loans. Is the good Senator trying to buy votes?

No Leg Room.... Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton on a recent flight from Paris to Texas offered another passenger $1,500 to take his seat, which appeared to have more leg room. His offer was politely rejected by the fellow traveler. Would you have taken the cash?

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