NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for June 28, 2019

Can Americans Be Deported? José Díaz-Balart, one of the two moderators for last night's Democratic primary debate, claimed President Barack Obama's administration deported "three million Americans" during a question to former Vice President Joe Biden. Also during the debate, all the candidates declared undocumented immigrants deserve free health care. Should illegal aliens be considered Americans?

Who Built The Cages? The left is comparing migrant detention centers to concentration camps and accusing President Trump of putting kids in cages at detention facilities. According to President Barack Obama’s former ICE chief Thomas Homan those “cages” were the product of the Obama administration. Does this change your mind about the way immigrants are being treated at the border?

Teen Sex Offenders. The Colorado Supreme Court says a teen boy now has to register as a sex offender after sexting and trading erotic pictures with two girls his own age. The sex offender laws were passed in less tech-heavy times before selfies and texting were the norm. Critics of the decision say the court should be able to differentiate between child exploitation and unfortunate teenage behavior. Do you agree?

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