NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for July, 1 2019

Jordan Rich is for Dan tonight.

Does The MBTA Deserve A Fare Increase? Fares went up today on the MBTA. Now one-way trips on the Red, Blue, Orange or Green lines will cost 15 cents more. The monthly LinkPass, now $84.50, shoots up to $90, and a 7-Day LinkPass goes up a dollar and and a quarter. the legislature passed a law that allows the "T" to raise fares every 2 years with a cap of no more than 7% for each increase. This has many seeing red after the MBTA has suffered multiple derailments- ten since the beginning of the year, not to mention other service failures. Since taxes fund our public transportation, what can't the public stop the fare increases?

It's The 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 - Why Haven't we been back to the Moon? 100 million Americans tuned in to watch Apollo 11 blast off almost 50 years ago in fulfillment of President Kennedy's promise to land on the moon within a decade. Why did our zeal for space travel end and should we rekindle it?

What Has Happened To Public Civility? This week President Trump's son was spat upon in a restaurant in Chicago by the bartender. Earlier this year the owner of the Red Hen Restaurant that kicked out White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family while they were dining. The Washington Post just published an editorial supporting both episodes of harassment. Since when has abusing people with opposing points of view become acceptable behavior?

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