Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 3, 2019

Jordan Rich is for Dan tonight.

Is Being From A Good Family an Excuse? A teenage boy was acquitted of rape by a family court judge in New Jersey because "he was from a good family" even though the youth had video taped the assault against a drunk minor age girl and sent it to his friends with the title "When Your First Time Is Rape." The judge even mused out loud in court that rape as something reserved for an attack at gunpoint by strangers. The jurist has now been sharply rebuked by an appeals court in a scathing 14-page ruling that warned him against showing bias toward privileged teenagers. Should the judge be removed?

Cambridge's Search For Slave Traders. The city of Cambridge is researching the origins of its street names and municipal buildings to determine if any of them belong to those who were once involved in the slave trades. According to one city councilor the intent is to take action based on what the city finds in its research, including finding new names to take their places. Is this a waste of taxpayer money or resources well spent?

Summer Blockbusters - Are they just not as good as they used to be? Midway through summer, the movie industry box office is looking decidedly bleak. Ticket sales are pacing 7% behind last year’s popcorn season, putting the year as a whole nearly 10% below last year. A lot of summer offerings have sputtered out with critics saying they were derivative, shoddily constructed, and poorly reviewed. Can you remember when summer was a time for blockbusters?

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