Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 8, 2019

Jordan Rich is in for Dan tonight.

The World Cup And Equal Pay. The Women's U.S. soccer team swept this year's World Cup tournament cementing their championship Sunday. When French President Emmanuel Macron took to the field for the on-field trophy presentation boos and chants of "equal pay" swept the stadium echoing star player Megan Rapinoe's campaign for more equitable prize money and compensation from the World Cup and the U.S. federation. Are the women's teams underpaid?

Police Asked To Leave Starbucks. Giant coffee chain Starbucks has apologized to police in Arizona after six officers said they were asked to leave one of their stores last week because another customer said the officers made them feel unsafe. Is an apology enough? Has disrespect for law enforcement become an epidemic?

Disbelief In The Holocaust. A Florida high school principal has apologized for telling a parent concerned about Holocaust education that he couldn’t say the Nazi genocide was “a factual, historical event,” and “not everyone believes the Holocaust happened.” Should the teacher be removed?

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