Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 9, 2019

Jordan Rich is in for Dan tonight.

Suffolk County D.A. Is Pursuing "Social Justice" - Even If It Means Letting Criminals Walk Free. Suffolk County DA Rachel Rollins’ is putting into effect her “do not charge” list for 15 “low-level” nonviolent offenses. Rollins says too many people of color are charged with those crimes and her policy is meant to “end racial disparities in charging decisions.” Is the D.A.'s blueprint for social justice leading to more crime?

Should Kevin Spacey's Sexual Assault Charges Be Dropped? Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey is facing sexual assault charges on Nantucket but the prosecutions case was looking anything but solid this week as the alleged victim in the case plead the Fifth against self incrimination while on the stand during an evidentiary hearing. Then his mother, former TV anchor Heather Unruh, admitted deleting images from his missing cellphone, while his father argued with defense counsel and was threatened with contempt. The cell phone which supposedly had evidence of the assault mysteriously disappeared while in the alleged victim's possession. Should the case be dropped?

The End Of The Road For The Volkswagon Beetle.... Volkswagen will make no more is stopping production of the iconic car this week at its plant in Puebla, Mexico. Will you miss it? What other products have you missed?

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