Seven Strains Of Summer

Opinion-editorial By Brit Smith, host of Blunt Talk

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) -- Summer is officially here. Temperatures are in the 80's, fireworks are getting lit, and so are you…. Here's your guide to Massachusetts' best marijuana strains for a sizzling summer ahead.

1) Bruce Banner - Hybrid

This namesake strain boasts a euphoric body buzz like no other. While most consumers report feelings of happiness and relaxation, many also find it can stimulate creativity and help in social situations. With a sweet earthy taste, Bruce Banner is a great option to energize your lazy afternoons in the sun.

Sold at: NETA, Brookline MA - 17% THC

2) Berry Sherbert - Hybrid

Another mid-grade THC hybrid, most Sherbert strains tend to give a potent full-body effect with a punch of cerebral energy, which can make you feel light, floaty, and carefree. This one smells skunky, citrusy, and of course sweet like berries. Most consumers say it helps them feel relaxed, happy, and uplifted.

Sold at: INSA, Easthampton MA - 16.6% THC

3) Lemon Haze - Sativa

Another classic strain to add to the list, this sativa smells and tastes of sweet citrus, giving consumers an invigorating feeling as soon as they open it up. Often the go-to for people treating depression, Lemon Haze is great for enjoying a happy energetic vibe without the heart-racing side effects.

Sold at: Caroline’s Cannabis, Uxbridge MA - 15-20% THC

4) Durban Poison - Sativa

If summer’s got you a little too chill, this sativa strain is said to be great for creativity and productivity. Effects include focus and energy, which can also get into the realm of giggly for many consumers. An enjoyable option if you’re a little late on the spring cleaning and don’t mind getting the munchies half way through.

Sold at: Theory Wellness, Great Barrington MA - 26.8% THC

5) Skywalker Kush - Indica

If you’re looking for something more relaxing for those summer evenings, this indica is a cross between Skywalker and the classic OG Kush. It tastes earthy and piney, which can in turn give you a deep calming sleep without that hazy feeling beforehand. The local strains seem to be higher on the THC spectrum, so this may be better for seasoned stoners rather than nug-newbies.

Sold at: ATG, Salem MA - 30-32% THC

6) Purple Urkle - Indica

This potent indica strain smells fresh like grapes and berries, and can give a deep night time relaxing feel. It’s a great option for pain relief on the medical side, which means recreational consumers often use it to enjoy a physical melt at the end of a long energetic day.

Sold at: Berkshire Roots, Pittsfield MA - 15-16% THC

7) Cannatonic- CBD/THC

This strain is bred for its balance between CBD and THC, which gives a short-term mellow high that most people say makes them feel happy yet relaxed. It’s often used to treat pain without much intoxication, which is great for shaking off stress without a buzz that lasts for hours.

Sold at: Silver Therapeutics, Williamstown MA - 5.6% THC/11.4% CBD

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