Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 12, 2019

On-Line Bullying Is Not Just For Kids Anymore. Billerica town manager John Curran found himself on the receiving end of on-line bullying from trolls on the town's Facebook page about his appearance. Curran was born with Hemifacial Microsomia, a condition in which the lower half of one side of the face does not grow normally and is underdeveloped. He joins Dan in studio to talk about his op-ed in the Lowell Sun entitled “I look different. That makes me a target online."

The ICE Raids Are A-Coming.... While federal immigration agents say they will begin immigration raids this weekend across the country and intend to arrest people without documentation, Boston officials say not so fast and are assuring residents they will protect them. Are the raids a good thing or not?

Is Labor Secretary Acosta Just The First In Collateral Damage From The Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Indictment? Trump Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta announced his plans to resign today as controversy grows over his handling of a sex crimes case involving a financier, Jeffrey E. Epstein, when Mr. Acosta was a federal prosecutor in Florida. Is Acosta just the first to be taken down by the Epstein case?

Beaten To Death For Car Jacking. Philadelphia authorities say a man who stole a car with three young children inside was fatally beaten by their father and other bystanders. The car was parked at a pizza restaurant with its engine running when the man drove off while the parents were inside the shop. The vehicle got stuck in traffic, at which point the couple caught up with the car and pulled the culprit out. He was then pummeled to death. What should happen to the vigilantes?

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