Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 19, 2019

Who Can Kill The Most Coyotes? The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife wants to ban private coyote-hunting contests that incentivize the mass killing of coyotes with prizes. It is legal to hunt coyote in the Bay State but after a Cape Cod gun shop held a coyote killing spree contest animal rights activists are concerned? Is giving a prize for killing the wild dogs a good thing?

As the Heat Wave Hits Boston and The Northeast United States, Britain's Prince Charles Says We Need to Get A Move On Regarding Climate Change...Fast. He made the speech in London this week to foreign ministers from the Commonwealth. The Prince said "I am firmly of the view that the next 18 months will decide our ability to keep climate change to survivable levels and to restore nature to the equilibrium we need for our survival." Do you agree?

Noise Pollution Or Homeless Solution? The songs “Baby Shark” and “Raining Tacos” are being used by city officials in West Palm Beach, Fla. to chase homeless from the city park. Officials say they want to deter people experiencing homelessness from sleeping overnight at the city’s Lake Pavilion and Great Lawn, venues that offer “million-dollar views” for special events so they have started playing the obnoxious tunes from strategically situated speakers. Is this cruel and unusual or a good solution?

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