Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 20, 2019

RMV Hearing Hits A Wall. Massachusetts lawmakers today cut short a legislative probe into epic failures at the Registry of Motor Vehicles and blasted state transportation officials and the administration over a lack of witnesses and documentation requested for the hearing. Rep. William Straus, co-chairman of the Joint Committee on Transportation, joins Dan to discuss what the legislator's options are now, including possible subpoenas.

Naked Bike Riders Defy Police in Cambridge.... Riders from the 10th annual World Naked Bike Ride defied Massachusetts State Police this weekend at the North Point Park in Cambridge by refusing to disperse. Troopers arrested one person after a tense stand off in which they were forced to point tasers at the agitated riders. Police say the park closes at dusk and a protest does not give license to break the law. Riders say they were just having fun. Whose side are you on?

Is Conservative Now a Synonym For Racist? Miss Michigan, Kathy Zhu, was recently stripped of her title after old tweets of her's surfaced which pageant officials declared inappropriate and racist saying she no longer met the requirement of "being in good character." One tweet called the hijab a symbol of oppression for woman and the other referenced black on black crime statistics. Were these tweets offensive?

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