Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 24, 2019

Mueller Hearings: Boon or Bust? This morning in front of the House Judiciary Committee, Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified his investigation into the Trump Administration was not a "total exoneration” of the President. When asked if prosecutors ever exonerated anyone, Mueller said this was a unique situation. Did today's hearings help or hurt the President?

Alan Dershowitz On The Mueller Hearings. Former Harvard law professor and current Fox News contributor Alan Dershowitz says the hearings today in the House Judiciary Committee and Intelligence Committee create a "terrible precedent." The Professor argue these partisan proceedings undercut the American system of justice, the presumption of innocence, and the long tradition of prosecutors simply deciding whether to indict or not. Do you agree?

Angry Orchard Profiling. A black couple says they were repeatedly targeted by security staff at the Angry Orchard Brewery and Farm in New York operated by the Boston Beer Company during a wedding proposal. The company has acknowledged the incident and apologized saying the actions of staffers “did not reflect our values of respect for all.” The security team has been fired. Did Angry Orchard do the right thing? Is it enough?

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