Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 30, 2019

Do You Support Taxpayer Funded Nondisclosure Agreements? The Massachusetts state Auditor is refusing to investigate taxpayer-funded nondisclosure agreements, which critics say are being used to silence victims of sexual harassment on Beacon Hill. Dan will be joined by state Sen. Diana DiZoglio (D-First Essex) and state Rep. Alyson Sullivan, (R- Abington) who are two of the state’s youngest female legislators and are both are self-identified survivors of sexual misconduct.

Scooters, Scooters Everywhere in Brookline. Brookline’s electric scooter rental program — the first of its kind in Massachusetts — has been a wild success from the riders perspective but has become a frequent source of irritation for non-riding residents. Town Select Board member Heather Hamilton says "We’re going to have some real decisions to make about what kind of infrastructure investments we’re going to make longterm.” Do you support the program

Do Police Deserve Special Protection? A Massachusetts lawmaker has filed a bill to add a layer of protection for police by categorizing assaults like the bucket soaking of NYPD officers last month as hate crimes. Rep. David DeCoste (R-Norwell) joins Dan to discuss his bill which would make injuring or killing a cop a hate crime.

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