Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for August 7, 2019

Derailed Again! A rookie train operator is being blamed for the derailment of a Green Line train car at the Riverside station in Newton this morning. The accident disrupted the commute for D line passengers for several hours. The MBTA says sorry. Is that enough?

Should You Be Able To Buy Weed With EBT Cards? According to the Boston Herald, the state has successfully stopped the use of state-funded EBT cards at marijuana stores 34 times. What should you be able to buy with welfare dollars?

The Politics of Hate. A former FBI assistant director used numerology on MSNBC to link neo-Nazism to President Donald Trump’s decision to fly flags at half-staff to honor the victims of the recent mass shootings.Another MSNBC host was forced to apologize after she nonchalantly claimed that President Trump was talking about "exterminating Latinos." Have you had enough of the politics of hate?

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