Everything You Need To Know About 'Mindhunter' Season 3

Raise your hand if you spent the weekend binge-watching Mindhunter on Netflix. The popular crime drama dropped its second season just last week, but fans are already buzzing for what's next. Though Netflix only confirmed the show was going to get a second season until a month after the first premiered (and then kept all the details under wraps during production), it seems likely a third season is already in the works at the streaming platform. Fans might have to wait a while until they get that confirmation, though.

Actor Holt McCallany who plays Bill on Mindhunter, spoke with PopCulture.com about the possibility of a third season, keeping fans on their toes in the process. "I don’t think anybody knows right now, in August of 2019, exactly what lies in store for Holden and Bill, and Wendy," he said. "We are hopeful that we will get to do the whole five seasons because the audience seems to have really responded to the show, people really like the show. And we’re very proud of the show, and very excited to keep making the show.’

Those five seasons McCallany is talking about? Series writer Joe Penhall actually has five seasons mapped out, which viewers will get to see as long as Netflix continues to pick it up season after season. McCallany and co-star Jonathan Groff all reportedly agreed to sign on for five seasons at the outset of the show, as well.

Two years passed between the premiere of seasons one and two, so, hopefully it doesn't take that long for season three to hit the streaming Netflix. We'll have to keep our fingers crossed that Netflix decides to greenlight season three, as well as seasons four and five.

Photo: Netflix