Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for August 21, 2019

Its Walsh Wednesday!Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is in studio with Dan to talk about last weekend's gun violence rally, the recent Boston Calling court case, his endorsement of Senator Ed Markey for re-election and whatever else you want to bring up!

Fahrenheit 82..... A joint Department of Energy and EPA program is telling consumers they can save money, improve air quality and protect the environment by keeping their thermostat at 78 degrees when at home and 85 degrees when away. According to the feds, the optimum sleeping temperature is 82. Where do you keep your thermostat?

Buying Your Way To A Smaller Carbon Footprint.Celebrity eco warriors are depending on the modern version of buying a heavenly indulgence to shrink their carbon footprints.A host of virtue-signaling tree-huggers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Sting and Prince Harry and Meghan Markel make an economic donation to the environment in order to claim they have rendered their use of private jets "carbon-neutral".Are so-called 'greenwashers' hypocrites?

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