Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for August 22, 2019

Are Safe Injection Sites Really Safe? Somerville plans to open a safe injection site next year, where users can inject drugs under the supervision of medical professionals. Because current laws make using most of the drugs used in the facilities illegal U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling has threatened to prosecute anyone who tries to open one. Do you support Somerville's efforts?

Is a Convicted Felon Just A "Justice-Involved Person?"Authorities in San Francisco have introduced new sanitized language for criminals, getting rid of words such as “offender” and “addict” and changing “convicted felon” to “justice-involved person.”They are making the move to help change people’s views about those who commit crimes. Is this really a good idea?

Do You Have Any Idea Who Is Running For President?A new Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald poll shows that most New Hampshire voters can't name more than two of the current crop of presidential candidates. According to the report, despite the fact that the field of 25 contenders has been running for months and debating two times, name recognition still remains extremely low — even among Democrats. How many candidates can you name?

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