Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for August 28, 2019

A Race Relations Getting Better? A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll finds that more than a third (36%) of Americans feel that race relations are very or fairly good.--- That’s up from 24% in July 2016, after nearly eight years of an Obama Administration. What do you think?

End Times : A Brief Guide To The End Of The World. Author Bryan Walsh joins us to discuss his new book “End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World.” In which he goes from asteroids and artificial intelligence to volcanic super-eruptions to nuclear war providing a stunning panoramic view of the most catastrophic threats to the human race.

Disarming the Police? A city councilor in Burlington, Vermont, says the city should consider disarming its police force. City Councilor Perri Freeman says smaller countries like the U.K., Ireland and Iceland, function with unarmed police forces. Is this a good idea?

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