Dog The Bounty Hunter Suffers Heart Emergency Months After Wife's Death

Dog the Bounty Hunter was hospitalized over the weekend after suffering a heart emergency that may require surgery.

According to TMZ, the reality TV star, born Duane Chapman, was taken to a hospital in Colorado after feeling pain in his chest. While it's not yet known if he suffered a heart attack, Dog remains hospitalized as doctors continue to run tests to determine what happened.

He may need surgery, but it's unclear at this time.

The 66-year-old's health scare comes just a few months after the death of Dog's wife Beth, who passed away on June 26 after battling throat cancer.

Dog said his final goodbye to his life partner during her second and last memorial service in Aurora, Colorado in July. "I cannot believe that she’s gone," he said on stage during his nearly 30-minute remarks, per People. "This is not possible, I want to wake up from a dream." He added, "In the ’70s, I did 18 months in the Texas penitentiary and I told God yesterday I’d do five years, ten years day to day just to kiss her again. I never felt like this."

"She’d gotten sick, they told her she got cancer. They said she could do chemo though, they said she would have to sit at home while Dog films [Dog's Most Wanted]. The show did not kill her but she died for it,” Dog explained of his wife's final days. "She said, 'Do you think I’m going to let you go out by yourself and film?' 'You’re out of your mind.' I said, 'Honey you might have to do chemo and stuff.' "

"She goes, 'All it’ll do is keep me alive six months longer and I’m not going to do that because I want to be by your side.' " he recalled. "She would tell these guys on the show, 'You’re trying to die doing these drugs and I’m trying to live.' Those guys started bawling and crying.' "

Photo: Getty Images