Instant Karma As Jaywalker Stares Down Driver And Walks Right Into Pole

Sometimes, karma can take years to take effect, but there are also those glorious moments where you can watch karma bite back in real time, seconds after someone does something that deserves it. That's just what happened in Hamilton, Ontario and it was all caught on dashcam. A driver was making their way through the streets of the Canadian province when they turned a corner and had to slam on their brakes so they wouldn't hit a man who was jaywalking.

Clearly, the pedestrian was less than thrilled with the driver and stared them down as he illegally walked across the street. However, he was so focused on glaring at the car that he didn't see the large metal pole that was in front of him and walked right into it.

His face and hat gets smashed but aside from a bruised ego, the man seems okay as the car drives off.

What's remarkable is that this isn't the first time something like this has happened. A nearly identical situation was captured on dashcam two years ago.

Let this be a lesson to any angry pedestrians out there to keep watching where you're going as you rage.

Photo: YouTube