Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for September 16, 2019

Should the Patriots Have Played Antonio Brown?The Patriots gave Antonio Brown a shot on Sunday and the team trounced the Miami Dolphins 43-0. Given that there are rape allegations against Brown and the civil complaint is moving forward should the Patriots have allowed Brown to play?

Kavanaugh Investigation Redux. Democrats are pushing for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after a New York Times story this past Sunday which accuses the Justice of sexual abuse over 35 years ago. The alleged victim in the story has no memory of the incident. Is this just another attempt by the left to undo the 2016 election?

Iran Revs Up Hostilities. Iran launched nearly a dozen cruise missiles and over 20 drones from its territory in the attack on a key Saudi oil facility this past weekend. What if anything should the President do in response?

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