Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for September 17, 2019

Unclaimed Bodies In Worcester. TheGraham Putnam & Mahoney Funeral Parlors in Worcester have come under fire for storing unclaimed bodies on their premises without refrigeration creating a bit of an odor problem for the neighbors. Funeral Director Peter A. Stefan says the problem was actually created by city officials. He joins Dan to explain.

Joe Biden and Corn Pop. Former Vice-President Joe Biden gave an account in 2017 of an incident when he was a lifeguard in 1962 involving a local gang leader who went by the name “Corn Pop.” The video went viral this past weekend with accusations that the current democratic frontrunner has a history of perpetuating stereotypical ideas of black people that bring into question his understanding of the black American experience and ability to address issues that concern them. Do you agree that Biden is out of touch with the people he is trying to reach?

Should Free Speech Be Judged On A Sliding Scale?A North Carolina high school cheer-leading squad was put on probation for holding up a "Trump 2020" sign at a football game. In California a community college trustee has been asked to resign because she spoke at Boston's Straight Pride parade. An MIT professor has resigned over his on-line posts supporting a fellow professor who slept with one of Jeffrey Epstein's girls and Saturday Night Live just rescinded a cast invitation to a stand up comedian because of a YouTube video in which he derided Asians. Is Free Speech absolute or are there limits?

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