Embarrassing Wedding Photo Optical Illusion Makes Bride's Booty Look Giant

Wedding photos are incredibly important to the bride and groom - many couples reflect upon them and remember that momentous day in their lives when they said "I do." Occasionally, a shot gets ruined by someone photobombing or moving too quickly or other reasons, but what is causing one wedding pic to go viral is the optical illusion on it that was created by an unfortunate angle.

Andre Burnett from Jamaica shared the photo on Twitter to mark his anniversary. It shows him and his wife exchanging their vows, and his caption pokes fun at how Caribbean weddings are usually late to start. He wrote, "That one time when a Jamaican wedding started on time." However, the majority of the comments were about the shape of his bride.

Because a woman bending over in front of the bride is wearing a color similar to the one Burnett's wife is wearing, it makes it look like the bride has a really big booty.

Others took the opportunity to drag Andre for the low turnout to his nuptials.

Andre responded, joking that 70 people turned up to the wedding late, all with legitimate excuses. Regardless of what went down at the wedding, they seem to be living happily ever after!

Photo: Getty Images