This Week's Weird News

A pair of possible appearances by ghosts, some 'sea monsters' that weren't, and the latest Navy revelations concerning UFOs were among the strange and unusual stories to pop up on our radar this week.

As has been the case numerous times throughout the year, the UFO phenomenon made headlines around the world this week after the United States Navy said that the much-discussed viral videos that have been online for the last few years are genuine and show 'unidentified aerial phenomena' that they cannot identify. Indicative of the considerable optimism in UFO circles that we're on the cusp of being told 'the truth' about the phenomenon, a billboard popped up in Montana telling drivers that disclosure is underway and they best be prepared for it when it happens.

Just in time for the start of spooky season, potential ghosts have begun making appearances in the news. First, an eerie photo taken at a haunted theater in Austin seems to show one of the site's resident spirits lingering in the mezzanine. And, over in England, a woman could not believe her eyes when the CCTV system at her home seemingly captured footage of a full-bodied apparition suddenly manifest out of thin air on the sidewalk of a street.

This past week was not a particularly good one for aquatic 'monsters' as a pair of possible creatures wound up being debunked. The more disappointing of the two took place in China where a mysterious 'animal' spotted in a river captured the imagination of people online, but was eventually shown to be a giant piece of rubber that had somehow gotten dumped in the water. Meanwhile, in Scotland, a much-discussed underwater video showing what appeared to be a giant 'Loch Ness Eel' turned out to be just a stick.

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