Obsessed Fan Finds Japanese Star's Home By Zooming In On Her Eyes In Pic

They say that the eyes are the window into your soul, though the eyes can be much more than that and sometimes, they can be a security risk.

Just about every pop star posts pictures of themselves on social media, but one obsessed fan of Japanese idol Ena Matsuoka used a pic she shared to attack her. The man, 26-year-old Hibiki Sato, took a photo Ena posted from her Tokyo apartment and zoomed in on her eyes. Once he got enough of a close-up, he could see that the reflection in her pupils showed a bus stop on the street below. Sato used Google Maps to find the exact location of the stop. From there, he figured out which building was hers and, using the design of her curtains and windows and the angle of sunlight in her eyes, he deduced which floor she lived on.

He then staked out her home and when he saw her, he attacked the 21-year-old member of the pop group Tenshitsukinukeniyomi. Ena's face was injured but overall she was okay. The police were able to identify Sato and when they confronted him, he admitted to the attack and to being a big fan of Ena's.

With the quality of pictures advancing with each new phone release, authorities are now warning people to be even more careful with the photos they choose to post so more crimes like this don't happen.

Photo: Getty Images