Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 14, 2019

Worcester Kid Suspended For Hugging His Teacher. A Worcester foster mother is fighting to remove a suspension from the record of her son, who she says was punished for hugging his female gym teacher during class. The teacher said the seventh grader hugged her and pleaded to be allowed to stay in a dodgeball game after she removed him for goofing off. After the class, the twelve year-old was sent to the principal's office and then suspended. Have school's become hot beds of over reaction?

Beware The Proposed Commuter Tax! Up on Beacon Hill tomorrow, Massachusetts lawmakers will debate whether commuters will pay more for the privilege of driving into Boston. Two bills before the Joint Committee on Transportation are getting a hearing on whether the state should bump up tolls during rush hour and lower them the rest of the day. Do you support a commuter tax?

What Are You Celebrating Today: Columbus or Indigenous Peoples Day? Six Massachusetts cities are refusing to recognize Columbus Day today, choosing instead to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. They say the iconic Italian hero was not the first man to step foot in the new world but was in actuality a rapist and a murderer who enslaved people.The states of Maine and Vermont have gone so far as to legally change the holiday to honor native Americans. What are you observing today?

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