Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 25, 2019

Teacher's Strike! Teachers are on strike in Dedham after two years of failed contract talks. The only thing is the Massachusetts employment relations board says that is a violation of state law and has ordered the union “to immediately cease and desist." We will speak with the president of the Dedham Education Association Tim Dwyer. Whose side are you on?

Appeals Court Says Gov. Baker Went to Far on Vaping.......An Appeals Court judge has ruled that Governor Baker overstepped his authority when he failed to follow the legally prescribed process for creating the Vaping product sales ban. The Governor is appealing the order but meanwhile Vape shops can open again on Monday. Did the Governor do a good thing?

Polar Bears Have Made A Comeback.Just a few years ago former Vice-President and climate change guru Al Gore said we should wave goodbye to the ice flow riding polar bears as the whole species was falling victim to global warming and would soon be extinct. Turns out the polar bear population is growing so much and so fast that they now pose a public safety hazard in Canada and according to the National Post will no longer be used as the mascots for climate socialists. Inuit communities in the northern regions say the polar bear may have exceeded the co-existence threshold.” What other climate change predictions do you think are off base?

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