NH Sen. Shaheen: 'Death Of al-Baghdadi Is A Triumph'

Jeanne Shaheen

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen called the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi "a triumph" after President Donald Trump's announced on Sunday that he had been killed in a U.S. military raid in Syria.

Sen. Shaheen said the death is a victory "for our nation's anti-terrorism efforts and is a testament to the persistence and expertise of our military and intelligence services."

President Trump said that al-Baghdadi was killed in an overnight in a raid that he called "daring and dangerous."

President Trump Announces IS Leader Dead In US Military Raid - Thumbnail Image

President Trump Announces IS Leader Dead In US Military Raid

"al-Baghdadi spread a heinous terrorist ideology which must continue to be snuffed out in Syria and around the world," Shaheen said. "al-Baghdadi has the blood of Americans on his hands—including Granite Stater James Foley — and has finally been brought to justice."

Journalist James Foley, who is from New Hampshire, was killed by ISIS back in 2014.

Shaheen went on to congratulate the president and "our allies who assisted in this effort, and, in particular, those who risked their lives in this raid."

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders also spoke out about the death of al-Baghdadi on Twitter Sunday.

"The fight against ISIS would not be possible without the brave efforts of the Kurds and other U.S. allies," Sen. Sanders wrote.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren wrote on Twitter that al-Baghdadi's "death is a setback for ISIS and a victory for justice. I am grateful for the skills and courage of our special operations and intelligence professionals."

Sen. Warren also noted that while al-Baghadi's death "closes one chapter," the "fight against terrorism" is not over.

"We need a settlement that ends the suffering and destruction in Syria—and ultimately, a long-term plan to counter extremism and allow the region to achieve peace and stability," Warren wrote.

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