Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 31, 2019

Nancy Shack is in for Dan

Its Halloween! To celebrate the spookiest night of the year we will be speaking with a local guy made good, Andrew Mittman, executive producer of the hit animated movie in theaters now--- The Addams Family. We will also delve into the scariest haunted house in the country and talk about what to do if someone's costume or yard display offends you.

Is the Woke Community Out of Control? A 14-year-old girl punched out a man in Florida who was waiting in line for a Fair ride because he was wearing a Trump mask. President Obama says virtue signalers and the Woke community have missed the message and need to pull it back a bit. Do you agree?

Does President Trump Deserve A Victory Lap? President Trump announced the death of the leader of Isis this week to the sound of crickets on the democrat side of the aisle. The Washington Post downplayed his terrorist associations in their headline, Bernie Sanders did not even acknowledge Americans were involved in the operation, and Nancy Pelosi yelled at the President for not telling her before the fact. Whether you voted for him or not, doesn’t President Trump deserve credit for bringing down Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

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