Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 1, 2019

Nancy Shack is in for Dan

Uber's Brave New World at Logan. Logan Airports new design for Uber and Lyft pickups has taken effect and it’s not that smooth sailing. Unless you are disabled, there is no more curb pick up at the terminal, but you have to haul yourself and your luggage over to Central parking to meet your ride. Does this make you think twice about taking a ride share instead of a cab?

Does President Trump Deserve A Victory Lap? President Trump announced the death of the leader of Isis this week to the sound of crickets on the democrat side of the aisle. The Washington Post downplayed his terrorist associations in their headline, Bernie Sanders did not even acknowledge Americans were involved in the operation, and Nancy Pelosi yelled at the President for not telling her before the fact. Whether you voted for him or not, doesn’t President Trump deserve credit for bringing down Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

Revenge Porn. A California Congresswoman has resigned after naked photos were allegedly sent to the press by her soon-to-be-ex proving she had an intimate relationship with a campaign staffer. Who is the victim here and should Massachusetts pass a law making it a felony to publish naked pictures of someone without their consent?

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