The Christmas Revels: An American Celebration of the Winter Solstice

A holiday tradition for nearly five decadesThe Christmas Revels is a joyful theatrical celebration of the winter solstice that travels the world each year showcasing cultural traditions including music, dance, folktales and rituals. 


For the 49th annualChristmas Revelswe will be coming home. Beginning at a remote radio station at a crossroads in the dusty heartland in the 1930’s we will be exploring the roots of American music. We will make our way from the bluegrass of Appalachia to the traveling songs of California, from the bony harmonies of New England to the easy melodies of the South. And when we reach our destination you will be invited to join in the old tradition of "Breakin' up Christmas." We have a long way to go and a great tale to tell - join us for the ride!

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