Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 6, 2019

Dan Is Back!!!Dan has returned from his cruise down the Danube and wants to share the experience with you, including the vision of America that is being presented by the European CNN feed on cable news....

ICE Sweeps Up Ghost Illegal Aliens. ICE agents targeting “ghost” illegal immigrants who have eluded law enforcement before now — including those charged with peddling heroin and fentanyl — have taken 19 suspects into custody after a four-day sweep. All face being deported or tried on drug charges. ICE Regional Director Todd Lyons joins Dan to give a firsthand report.

Partisan Reporting. When President Trump announced the death of the leader of Isis the Washington Post downplayed his terrorist associations in their headline, Bernie Sanders did not even acknowledge Americans were involved in the operation, and Nancy Pelosi yelled at the President for not telling her before the fact. Has partisan politics in reporting gone too far?

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